Listen to the silence and open up your mind.

Open up your heart and see what you can find.

Believe in the universe and all it has to hold.

The silence is there to guide you so listen and be bold.

Make the moves necessary to live the dream of dreams.

No hesitation needed as everything is exactly as it seems.

For opening up your mind and listening to the heart

Will surely present the finest things that life had planned for you from the start.

As we age we start to rationalize the safe choices that we make.

Go back to that child within you and fear not making any mistake.

Mistakes lead to discovery and advancement of the soul.

Mistakes are not mistakes if they lead you to your goals.

You have endless dreams and passions that you were put here to pursue.

Life will continue to be unfulfilling until you do what you were meant to do.


-We all (including myself) put passions and dreams aside most times saying “I can’t right now” or “I’ll wait until -this- happens or -that- happens.” The timing will never be RIGHT. Unless it is now, in the present. You must learn to follow what drives you and go for it. Happiness will surely follow.