Ultimate goal; to find what makes me happy and to pursue that dream. As of now there are many things I have a keen interest in but combining them all into one fabulous career is the masterpiece I need to learn how to paint. In order to figure out which tools and medium I have to use in order to make this happen, could not have occurred while working my previous job. I was overworked and stress was at an all time high. I would come home and not be able to focus on myself because of pure exhaustion. My wants and needs were not being addressed and I need to keep reminding myself of this fact.

After being back from a relaxing Vancouver vacation for a few days, the anxiety of quitting my job with nothing lined up has begun to creep it’s way in. The adrenaline of making such a life changing move is wearing off. This my friends is the honest truth. Most blogs I have read about people taking the leap of faith forget to mention that even though you know what you did was best for you, there is still that crippling idea of “what if.” What if things don’t work out? What if you miscalculated your current affairs and money and time runs dry? What if you don’t end up discovering your true self and developing your potential? In writing about my journey, I want to make sure to articulate exactly the emotional roller coaster I go on, so that no one jumps on this drastic bandwagon and thinks it will be all rainbows and sunshine. 

Therefore as I sit watching some cheesy reality tv show, I am left trying to reassure myself of the necessary move that I made. I was not living life. I was unhappy. I saw friends and family pursue their passions and I knew I needed to start figuring out my own. There is an empty space that needs to be filled. So a plan of action will be taking place. I will secure some part time work where I can leave the responsibilities and stress behind and focus more on myself. 

I am back to this wonderful city and ready to take on this challenge! Self doubt may arise however I will push through and reach out to my support systems along the way.