And I’m off again! Vancouver city round 2! In April I went to visit my little sister where she is studying at the Vancouver Film school to be a writer. And when I returned, I immediately booked another trip back without hesitation or a second glance at the bank account. I caught the relaxing vibe of the city and knew I needed to return. 
So here I am sitting at the airport (with my black Tim Hortons coffee and a trusty potassium filled banana) to board my flight. This time however it is different. A lot has changed in the past few months. I got engaged, my fiancé was sent off t for training with the RCMP and I have quit my 9-5 stifling job (with no other one lined up might I add). Yes you read that last part right. I handed in my two weeks (perfectly aligning it to end when my already booked off vacation to Vancouver would finish). I took a leap of faith, and put forth into the universe that there is more to life than working a job you hate, with people who hate their lives and having your true dreams be put on the back burner for the sake of money. 
What good is this money if all you are doing is going to work, getting more and more frustrated and depressed and then coming home to pay bills and by having time to pursue your passions. I will be about to embark on a life’s journey once my fiancé is done training and we get posted in Canada somewhere. The thought of being isolated in a small northern town frightens me but what scares me even more would be the thought of wasting my last few months in Toronto, working a job that is literally slowly killing my soul. I realized I needed this transition time to find out what I love to do, start doing it and eventually be able to build a fulfilling career wherever we go! 

So that being said, I am full of fear but that’s what makes this exciting. Fear should not be something that prevents you. Fear should be what fuels you. Fuels you to achieve your full potential. As cliche at it sounds, this old saying rings true “greatest lies outside of your comfort zone.” When I get back from Vancouver, do I have a job lined up? No. I have no clue what lies ahead. What I do know is how I felt handing in my resignation and packing for this trip. Free. I felt free in my mind, body and soul. And that is worth any paycheque in my books.
So for all of you wanting to take the leap, I encourage you. Keep in mind however I did go through my finances and see if I had the bare minimum to live. However I am also thinking positive and telling myself and the universe that I will find a part time job, where I will develop new skills and be able to be true to myself. I will make time to try new things and find that niche in the world. I will be fine. I will succeed. I will become the greatest person I can be.